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Directions To State House Annex


State House Annex ( directions-- click here)

125 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08625.

Public Transit Directions:


There are fee-based parking in lots throughout the

downtown Trenton area, as well as some metered street

parking available.

Check HERE for parking information.

Other free parking is available at:

Trenton Hotel (Corner of S. Warren St. and W. Lafayette St.),
Liberty Commons Garage, 16 E. Front Street, Trenton


Q: Can I bring my babies/toddlers/children?

A: Yes. All people of all ages are welcome to attend.  As with any event or outing, please be
mindful of your child’s needs, and plan accordingly.  Strollers are allowed inside.

Q: Is there a place to buy food onsite?

A: Yes! There is a Cafe in the Annex.

Q: What materials can we use in the State House?

A: Only 8" x 11" hand held signs are allowed inside the State Annex.  PLEASE, no sticks or poles on these signs—they will not be allowed! 

Q:  Will I be inside or outside?

A:  We will be inside lining the halls of the State Annex. However, you may be outside if the State House is crowded, please dress accordingly.


 We've created two posters to help you amplify our message. Print these signs and take them with you when you hit the streets on Monday, or post them on social media to tell the world just why it is that you are headed to Trenton to protect Religious Freedoms! 




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