2:30 PM to 6:30 PM


Location is TBA

Hear us Governor Murphy!

If not us, who? If not now, when? --John F. Kennedy

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Hear us Governor Murphy!

Time & Location

2:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Location is TBA

About The Event

As you know, the New Jersey legislature is seeking to pass a bill that would remove your right to decline a medical intervention based on your religious beliefs. Bill S2173 can be called to vote any day now and then it would be placed upon the desk of Governor Murphy.  The time is NOW to have our voices heard.

We have been alerted to where Governor Murphy will be on Saturday afternoon. We are inviting you to join us Saturday, December 21st at 2:30 PM at an undisclosed location in Monmouth County (details to be shared 4 hours prior to event).

We will be asking Governor Murphy to pause, to invite us to the table to discuss bill S2173, to help him understand that the families affected by this bill are members of his community. We are your realtors. We are your teachers. We are your children's soccer coaches. We are your neighbors. We are your lawyers. We are your chiropractors. We are your nurse practitioners. Our children are also active members of the community. They are members of the Cub Scouts. They are goal keepers on the soccer team. They are honors students. They are leads in the school play. Let's normalize who we are. Let's send a message of, we come in peace, we come in solidarity to converse in a discussion about our families and how bill S2173 will greatly impact the various communities we come from.

The purpose of our gathering is to send a message to our Governor, that we are a collective community of active citizens that are determined to protect our freedoms and our families and have our message heard.

· Bring your families.

    Pack like you are attending a Winter tailgate: outdoor chairs, small tables, blankets! Dress warmly, bring snacks, hand     

    warmers, hats, gloves, and refreshments to share with others etc. You may have to walk a bit or carpool to the final   


· Bring Holiday Cards to sign and send to the Governor.

· Bring flameless candles.

· Bring Homemade signs that highlight who you are: I am your social worker. I am your home decorator. I am your home  

  improvement specialist. I am your plumber. I am your car salesman. I am your waitress.

Ground Rules: We are gathering peacefully to send a message of solidarity to our Governor who has the power to VETO S2173 if it reaches his desk. We are not gathering to chant, to yell, or to be disruptive. We envision holding signs, singing holiday songs, connecting with our fellow New Jersey citizens in close proximity to the Governor. Our presence, once again, will be our voice on Saturday. Let's show Governor Murphy that we, the families of New Jersey are paying attention, are committed to having our voices heard and are not backing down from this injustice.

We are MAKING A DIFFERENCE. We are defending our rights, our children’s rights and the rights of our fellow citizens. Let's gather with dignity and class as we hold space for our Governor who may not understand our issue, or the members of our movement, just yet.

Parking: Once location is revealed, parking options will be shared. Ubering to location may be ideal, although on the street parking is limited. Walking may be necessary to reach the final location.  

Children: Strollers permitted. Bring age appropriate activities to occupy your children while we are gathering outside to have our message heard.    

December 21, 2019 details: 

2:30 Pm to 5:30 PM

Location: Monmouth County, NJ

We, the people of New Jersey, demand that our rights — including the right to make informed vaccine decisions AND right to make decisions for ourselves and our families — be safeguarded.   Together, we will STAND on 12.21.19 to communicate to the Governor that religious and medical freedoms are sacred to New Jersey citizens!  


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