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Th: Jan 2nd | 6 PM to 9PM


APA Hotel Woodbridge,120 S Wood Ave, Iselin

The Drs. Warner Present: New Jersey Town Hall on Vaccine & Religious Freedom

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Drs. Warner Present:  New Jersey Town Hall on Vaccine & Religious Freedom
The Drs. Warner Present:  New Jersey Town Hall on Vaccine & Religious Freedom

Time & Location

Th: Jan 2nd | 6 PM to 9PM

APA Hotel Woodbridge,120 S Wood Ave, Iselin

About The Event

New Jersey's own Drs Warner are hosting a New Jersey Town Hall event in the Central New Jersey area to gather members of our community to activate, educate & empower fellow warriors.  They are inviting everyone to join them tonight, Thursday, January 2, 2020 at 6 PM at the APA Hotel Woodbridge 120 S Wood Ave, Iselin, NJ 08830 (near Metro Park). This New Jersey Town Hall will focus on our path forward, and targets to include all citizens who care about the preservation of parental rights, medical rights, and religious rights. Action steps to kill this bill will be shared as well as strategies to be executed locally to hold off bill S2173/A3818.  Now is the time to involve your peers who may not yet be active in the New Jersey #healthfreedom movement. 

Featuring Special Guest Speakers: 

Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, Pediatrician

Mary Holland, Esq., Children's Health Defense

Kevin Barry, Esq., 

Drs. Stu & Teri Warner, The Wellness Parenting Revolution

The New Jersey legislature is driving legislation to remove religious exemption to mandatory vaccination.  Bill S2173 is documented to not only remove your religious right to deny medical mandates, but it also includes verbiage that would effectively allow the state government to judge and qualify doctor recommendations to abstain from specified vaccinations for medical reasons.  Essentially, the state government would have the right to interfere with the doctor patient relations and advisements.  It also includes verbiage that could affect homeschooling groups, allowing the state further reach and ability to enforce mandates within a group homeschooling environment.  

S2173 is catastrophic, and if passed will make New Jersey the fifth state to fully remove religious rights to reject mandatory vaccination.  The difference is that New Jersey’s bill to remove religious exemption to mandatory vaccination is deemed the most aggressive and barbaric of all the bills passed to date in other states.  There is zero consideration for students with IEP’s, no grandfathering, the rollout will be effective state wide across all education and child care center facilities, and institutions of higher education—whether private, public or religious.  Because the reach of this bill extends to New Jersey colleges and universities, to date, an estimated ~46,000 people will be denied a right to an education in the state if the bill is passed into law.  The bill will become effective 180 days from that date it is passed into law.  

In order for this bill to become law, it must pass 4 arms of the state legislative body: Assembly Health Committee, Full Assembly, Senate Health Committee, Full Senate.  Once it has passed these four channels, it then would go to desk of Governor Murphy, and his signature would be required to pass the bill into law.  Governor Murphy also holds the power to veto the bill, or to send it back to the legislative body for amendments.

In April of 2018, S2173 was passed in the Assembly Health Committee.  It was amended in January of 2019 to read as a full removal of religious exemptions.  

On December 12th, the bill was passed by the Senate Health Committee.  The structure of the committee was altered by Senate President Steve Sweeney to remove and replace 3 seated democrats, in order to secure 6 YES votes to pass the bill through committee.  The three seated democrats removed from the committee fully intended on voting NO to the bill, and were specifically removed for that reason.  Had the committee been left as is, the bill would have not passed the Senate Health committee and would have stopped there.  Needless to say, there are large forces at play to push this bill through, and the democracy is proving to be more of a dictatorship, with Sweeney pulling all the puppet strings to achieve the outcomes that he desires.  

On December 16th, the bill was heard in the full Assembly, and passed with 45 YES votes.  On this same day, the bill was scheduled to be heard in the Full Senate to take vote.  However, Senator Sweeney could not secure the votes offline, and after 6 hours with the entire senate stalled in the galley, he pulled the bill.  

It is important to note that this bill was pulled, not killed. The bill is still active in the NJ legislative body.  Senator Sweeney was forced to pull the bill in order to allow himself additional time to secure more offline votes over the holidays and year end.  It is common practice that before a bill is heard on the floor to take vote, the votes are secured prior using offline methods, like face to face conversations and verbal commitments.  This is done to ensure that when the bill is put forth in the full Senate for vote, that it will pass.  As a rule of thumb, the legislative body does not put forth a bill to take vote unless they have solidified enough votes off line to ensure that the bill will indeed pass.  That said, if a bill is put to vote on the floor, it is a strong assumption that the votes to pass the bill have already been acquired.

Senator Sweeney has a personal goal to pass this bill before the legislative session ends on January 14th.  He has been hard at work, strong arming and greasing his fellow legislative peers to switch, swap and flip their votes to YES in order to accrue the 21 votes he needs to pass this bill.  We fully expect that this bill will be put on the agenda to be heard in the full Senate this January, prior to the end of the legislative session.  

And because of this, we must act NOW.

The messaging to our legislators will be reviewed as part of the town hall, imploring legislators to pause, and requesting that round table discussions are had to review the impacts and that S2173 will have on the state and its residents if passed into law.  How do we help our representatives to understand that the families affected by this bill are members of every community throughout the state? We are your realtors. We are your teachers. We are your children's soccer coaches. We are your neighbors. We are your lawyers. We are your chiropractors. We are your nurse practitioners. Our children are also active members of the community. They are members of the Cub Scouts. They are goal keepers on the soccer team. They are honors students. They are leads in the school play. Let's share tactics on how to best normalize who we are. We, NJ citizens come in peace, we come in solidarity to converse in a discussion about our families and how bill S2173 will greatly impact the various communities we come from.

We are MAKING A DIFFERENCE. We are defending our rights, our children’s rights and the rights of our fellow citizens. Let's gather to inspire one another as we face the fight of our lives this January!  

January 2, 2020 details: 

6 PM

APA Hotel Woodbridge 

120 S Wood Avenue

Iselin, NJ 08830 

(near Metro Park)

We, the people of New Jersey, demand that our rights — including the right to make informed vaccine decisions AND right to make decisions for ourselves and our families — be safeguarded.   Together, we will STAND on 1.2.20 in solidarity to strategize how best to advocate for our parental, religious and medical freedoms in New Jersey!  

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