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January 13th Arrive between 9 AM & 10 AM


New Jersey State House

Trenton 1.13.20

When the people fear the government we have TYRANNY. When the government fears the people, you have LIBERTY! ~Thomas Jefferson

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Trenton 1.13.20
Trenton 1.13.20

Time & Location

January 13th Arrive between 9 AM & 10 AM

New Jersey State House , 125 W State St, Trenton, NJ

About The Event

Protecting Religious Exemption in New Jersey 

#VoteNoS2173 #NoOnS2173 #VoteNoA3818 #NoOnA3818

1.13.20 Senate & Assembly Session

The New Jersey legislature is moving to pass a law that would remove your right to decline a medical intervention based on your religious beliefs. Join us on Monday, January 13th in the New Jersey State House in Trenton to stand in solidarity to demonstrate our opposition for bill S2173/A3818!   

On January 13th, the Senate version of the bill was amended on the floor to allow private schools to decide if they would like to admit “non-compliant” students, provided that the private school post the vaccination rate on every entry door of the school, and the parent signs a form stating they know the risks and benefits of vaccination to the student and to public health. There is a soundbite “sibling vaccine injury exemption” for families who have the legal means to fight through the arduous Vaccine Court and are lucky enough to receive a settlement. The bill now will go to the Assembly on December 13th for them to amend the Assembly version to match the Senate version, and then back to the Senate for a full vote. 

Arrive around 9 AM to be a part of the "Occupy Trenton" demonstration.  NJ Advocates we need to SHOW UP again, line the hallways or gather outside the NJ State House to show the legislators that we will not stand for our religious rights being threatened!  

There are a few meetings scheduled for Monday, if you are going to be in Trenton, contact your legislative office this weekend and request a meeting.  

January 13, 2020 details: 

11:30 AM Senate Judiciary Committee Room 4, 1st Floor Annex

12 pm Senate Session Senate Chambers 

1 PM Assembly Session Assembly Chambers 

Location: New Jersey State House, Trenton, NJ  

*Please note: Bill S2173 is currently on the agenda in the full Senate & full Assembly Session that is being held in the Senate Chambers. No public testimonies will be heard but we can attend as citizens of New Jersey.  Our presence is our voice on Monday whether we are inside or outside the State House!   

Tips for Trenton! 

Attire: (Inside) Business Casual, comfortable, wear your Oppose S2173/A3818 T-Shirts if you own one! 

(Outside) Dress weather appropriate, layers & supplies to ensure you can sustain many hours rallying in opposition of S2173/A3818.

**State Issued Identification Required for entry to State House**

Parking: Various parking options available, there is a free parking Garage beneath the State House (the earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to secure parking here), Street/metered parking or local parking garages within walking distance available. Additional details here: 

  • Advocate Conduct:  YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. You are defending your rights, your children’s rights and the rights of your fellow citizens. Walk with your shoulders held high. Be proud.
  • Connect with Yourself. Deep breaths, leave your emotions at the door. Emotions will detract from your mission. Stand strong and have confidence. You have every right to be in Trenton fighting. Be prepared for emotions to flow and have a strategy ready. Center yourself. Focus on the goal. Our message will only be heard if we deliver it calmly, with facts and in a professional manner.

Engaging Legislators: Senators & Assembly members wear special pins on their lapel. Calmly. introduce yourself, tell them what district you are from and ask them to please oppose A3818/S2173 & share a flyer (link to print out flyers/signs are on our webiste) with them. 

Security: Please please be gracious and kind to security. Reassure them that you are grateful for what they do. Please refrain from recording, talking or face-timing on your phone when you are going through security. Please do not record security at all. 

Children: Strollers permitted. Please bring games and snacks for your children to keep them occupied. Legislators enjoy engaging with children in the State House, have little Johnny hand them a flyer and tell them how much he wants to stay in school with his friends.    

We, the people of New Jersey, demand that our rights — including the right to make informed vaccine decisions AND right to make decisions for ourselves and our families — be safeguarded.   Together, we will STAND on 1.13.20 to protect religious freedom for New Jersey citizens.   

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